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Milltech continue to ensure the highest quality training to our learners particularly to maintain and improve upon our OFSTED Grade 2.

There are subject areas or geographical areas where we feel a Training Partner could provide training at least to the Milltech and standard and we investigate and appoint a sub-contractor in these areas.

Milltech holds a monthly meeting with each of their sub-contractors to discuss operational issues and mutually ensure training progress and the exchanging of ideas by way of support.

Milltech uses an 80% fee payment to the sub-contractor with the 20% retained by Milltech for administration.

Payment for each sub-contractor is calculated on a matrix for all their learners planning the amount of drawdown for each learner. Totals are confirmed at the monthly meeting and paid within 40 days of Milltech's receipt of ESFA monies.

Any issues concerning other aspects of the contract are discussed at the regular meeting.

Monthly meetings involve maintenance, objectives and principles of Milltech and the sub-contractor cover the actual operation and future policies of our joint interests, this will ensure adherence to the Milltech quality procedures.

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"The support from my training officer is always given when needed"


"I get a lot of support and information to help get my qualification. My training officer, is a great help"


"My training officer is always fully supportive"


"Help is always given by my employer and my training officer when I need it"


"I have been given a lot of support and it has provided me with lots of new confidence"


"Excellent support, very helpful. Answered any questions and gave plenty of information"


"I am always given the support when I need it"


"Milltech have been great, providing me with all the support needed to complete the work."

Beverly Callaghan

"I have no hesitation in recommending Milltech Training to other surgeries or businesses."

Declan Howe

"We would recommend Milltech Training to other companies."

Blueline Taxis

"We have been very well looked after at Milltech"


"Milltech are a long standing partner of ours, and we have been extremely happy with the support we receive."

Les Potts

"I would not hesitate to recommend Milltech to any business that is considering taking an apprentice on."

Approved Mortgages

"Milltech have showed me that if you put the effort in, you reap the rewards. I will be forever grateful. Thank-you."

Jack Bart

"The support Milltech gave me was excellent. I have gained a lot more confidence since doing my apprenticeship"


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Jacob Blake

Jacob started his Apprenticeship with IChoose...


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