Business Consultancy Services

We help any type of organisations of any size to enhance leadership, improve productivity and gain recognition while adopting recognised quality standards.

We help companies of all sizes, from the largest UK agencies down to small regional firms. Our services help you thrive in what has become a tightly regulated regulated and highly competitive environment.

There is only ever value in sending staff on training courses that develop the skills they need day-to-day or that will help them develop and grow with the company. We will help you identify where each of your managers and key staff have particular strengths and where there are significant skills gaps that need to be addressed.


from the largest UK agencies

Milltech is an independent training organisation with over 35 years experience in helping young people achieve nationally recognised qualifications and employment.

Throughout these years we have developed strong links with companies both large and small throughout the North East, providing high quality work placements with reputable employers, where young people can gain practical experience within their chosen industry.

We have always looked to combine new developments with a pioneering approach to learning and strive to maintain an innovative outlook. This approach has led to the company receiving many national training awards over the years.


down to small regional firms

Consultancy, training and guidance to organisational leaders and staff.

As a training consultancy, we will work in partnership to help you and your business understand your training and development gaps, produce realistic proposals to close the gaps, design and deliver training and development solutions then provide an evaluation to identify the improvements made.

  • Define –  our role as training consultants.
  • Design – we design a training and development solution
  • Deliver – Our hand-picked trainers deliver your training solution.
  • Evaluate – we carry out a staged approach to evaluating the success.
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