Level 2 Diploma in Customer Service – Funded Standard


The Level 2 Diploma in Customer Service is a combined knowledge and competency qualification.  This means that the qualification assesses competence, skills, knowledge and understanding.

The purpose and aim of the Customer Service Diplomas is to provide learners, working in a customer service occupation (including Customer Service apprentices), with a nationally accredited qualification.  The qualifications provide learners with the opportunity to gain recognition of their skills in a wide range of customer service duties; e.g. dealing with enquiries, processing information, carrying out handovers, resolving problems; and developing knowledge & skills in more challenging activities.  With the inclusion of a wide range of optional units, the qualification can be tailored to suit an individual learner’s role and the needs of their employer.

This new Level 2 Customer Service Diploma is also the key qualification component within the Skills Level 2 Customer Service Apprenticeship framework in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as a standalone qualification.

This qualification is ideal for learners, aged 16+, new to a customer facing role, or with limited customer service experience, who require a qualification which shows they can take on responsibilities and carry out duties such as, dealing with calls from customers and resolving problems.There are no specific entry requirements for this qualification.  However learners must have access to a real work environment.

For many learners the achievement of the Level 2 Customer Service Diploma will provide a useful recognition of their professional competence, to aid their step from one job role to another, e.g. moving from the ‘shop-floor’ into ‘after-sales’.  For others, it could prepare them for progression to further learning and training, for example, learners may progress from the Level 2 to the Level 3 Diploma in Customer Service (Ofqual QN: 601/3457/4) and the Skills Level 3 Customer Service Apprenticeship.

Typically this apprenticeship will take 15 months to complete.

To be awarded a Diploma in Customer Service learners must demonstrate that they have the skills which are essential for individuals working in customer service.  Therefore they must be able to perform their job, or an appropriate task, competently.  These qualifications are assessed by learners referencing evidence from workplace performance, including assessor observations, in a portfolio of evidence.