Level 3 Food Safety in Catering, Retail or Manufacturing


Food business operators must ensure that their employees are supervised and given adequate training in food hygiene to guarantee the safety of their food to customers. Understanding what level of food safety training is required for each job role in the business will set minimum standards and provide uniform training for all staff. The level of training will be dependent on the role and involvement with food.

Specific job roles requiring Level 3 could be:

  • restaurant and caf√© owners
  • head chefs & kitchen managers
  • landlords and pub owners
  • supervisors or managers of fast-food outlets and takeaways
  • supervisory food handlers
  • business owners or general managers

This course gives an understanding of how to train staff in food safety as well as explaining the importance of food management systems to help the application of good food safety across the business.

Furthermore part of learning how to manage food safely is about understanding how to implement a food safety management system.

Food Safety training is aimed at supervisors, managers, or business owners working in the food industry. As for Level 2 above, it would also apply in a variety of settings including catering, manufacturing, and retail but to those with a responsibility for a team of people.