Understanding Sexual Health Awareness – Level 1 Certificate


This qualification aims to provide you with an understanding of sexual health issues and increase your knowledge of the key issues surrounding sexual health. You will look at different types of sexually transmitted infections, relationships, human reproduction, different types of contraception and how sexual health is represented in the media.

UK employers, particularly in the health and social care and education sectors, are often looking for individuals with knowledge of sexual health, so this course would be a great addition to your CV.

This course is split into manageable sections, which include:

Section 1: Relationships

Increase your knowledge of the various factors found within friendships, relationships, intimacy and the legal age for sexual activities. You will also explore the reasons why people may build close relationships, and how this links to basic human needs.

Section 2: Sexually transmitted infections

In this section, you will study different types of STIs, how they are transmitted and their symptoms, as well as exploring the effects of untreated chlamydia, HIV and AIDS.

Section 3: Human reproduction

You will look into the anatomy of sexual health awareness and will learn about the male and female reproductive organs, as well as the process of menstruation.

Section 4: Contraception

In this section, you will look into the different methods of contraception available at the moment, their advantages and disadvantages and where they can be obtained from.

Section 5: The media

You will learn about the portrayal of sex in the media and how society responds to this. You will consider how society and the media need to change and be much more dynamic in their representations of sex in order to more accurately reflect the state of sexual health awareness in our modern day society.