The Covid-19 pandemic posed considerable challenges for education providers during the academic years 2019-2020 and 2020-2021. Varying levels of infection rates have necessitated Milltech Training Ltd to act swiftly to adapt our approach to teaching, learning and assessment between face to face and online delivery to fully remote teaching and learning. In order to provide transparency and clarity, the Department for Education (DfE) requires Milltech Training Ltd to publish details of our remote education offers as detailed in the following section. Department for Education Requirements In order that students (and parents of students aged 19 and below) know what to expect of their FE provider if they need to self-isolate or local restrictions require them to remain at home, and should publish their remote education offer on their website by 18 January, 2021.

The information you should publish could include:

  • What remote education will be made available for different learner cohorts (16-18) apprenticeships and (19+), adult learners?
  • Delivery arrangements, such as timetabling, virtual learning environments and assessment arrangements.
  • Expectations of Learners.
  • Arrangements for Learners studying courses that require specialist equipment or facilities.
  • Support for Learners without devices, connectivity, or a suitable environment for learning.
  • Support for Learners with SEND.

This document fulfils this requirement.

Remote Education for 16 plus Learners

Milltech Training will provide a range of remote learning methods for students. Microsoft Teams/Zoom are key delivery platforms for remote learning that are well utilised by staff and learners. Adaptations to assessment requirements will be made where necessary to support learners to achieve their qualifications. Milltech Training Ltd provides flexibility and can deliver programmes remotely. Staff and Learners will receive guidance on the use of appropriate software and platforms to ensure a smooth transfer to remote learning should the need arise. Milltech Training Ltd can also provide laptops for learners to borrow for a period of time.

Remote Education for Adult Students

Remote delivery is now in operation for adult learners across a range of curriculum areas except for any practical workshop elements requiring the development of new skills; where possible. Milltech Training Ltd will prioritise this learning and adapt the delivery and sequencing of the programme of study to ensure no one is disadvantaged. Milltech Training Ltd have worked and supported employers to make adaptions to the requirement of observations so these can still take place using technology so no learner is disadvantaged.

All adults have full access to Milltech Training Ltd’s online portfolio for further access to resources, recorded sessions and for submission of completed work. Remote Education for Apprentices will continue to meet the 20% ‘off the job’ element by a range of flexible models already in place by their vocational area curriculum teams. For example, Learners having Page 2 of 4 MT034 – Remote Education Policy sessions via Microsoft Teams/Zoom with a blended approach to learning. Training Officers are on hand to support apprentices with option of joining in the sessions. All reviews are currently conducted remotely with employers and apprentices to ensure knowledge, skills and behaviours continue to be developed. Targets and actions will be set accordingly, and progress reviewed with performance monitored against planned expected end dates. Milltech Training Ltd work with employers to ensure that all learners have access to the appropriate equipment to enable no learner to be disadvantaged. Employers are informed that they can continue to recruit apprentices and inductions can take place as Milltech Training Ltd have invested in e-signature software. Functional skills exams are continuing under strict COVID guidelines, however if this is not possible, we are providing the learner the opportunity to complete their exam using proctoring software.

Pastoral support will be delivered remotely using classes on Microsoft Teams/Zoom. Learners will be given guidance on this and instructed on access to pastoral resources, information and guidance. Training Officers will maintain contact with learners including learners who are suspended from programme provide support and monitor concerns that arise e.g. mental health issues through email, telephone and online using Teams/Zoom. Resources will be available for learners to access additional online support for pastoral issues such as homelessness, mental wellbeing and domestic violence.

Contact numbers of charities that can support learners are shared

  • Samaritans 116123
  • Anxiety UK 03444 775774
  • Mind 0300 1233393
  • Calm 0800 585858
  • Crisis text line 85258
  • No Panic 0844 9674848

Expectations of Learners

Remote learning expectations have been shared with learners including how to keep safe online. Learners are expected to participate in all remote learning opportunities provided to ensure progress is maintained. If learners miss sessions, then Training Officers will contact employers to ensure learners wellbeing.

Arrangements for learners studying that Require Specialist Equipment or Facilities

Where remote learning impacts on specialist equipment or resources, Milltech Training Ltd will prioritise this aspect of learning once face-to-face teaching resumes. Where possible, practical elements of programmes will be front loaded to ensure minimal impact to learner’s progress should a full lockdown and remote learning be required. In extreme situations, adaptions will need to be made to assess practical learning outcomes differently i.e. with an adapted assessment based on a virtual practical demonstration in line with awarding body guidance. Support for learners without Devices, Connectivity, or a Suitable Environment for Learning Milltech Training Ltd will work with employers to enable all learners to continue and will review additional funding requirements on an individual basis. Page 3 of 4 MT034 – Remote Education Policy

Procedure for Non-Attendees

If a learner missed a session, Training Officers would look to receive a response from the learner within 1-2 hours. If a response fails, the employer will then be contacted for an update/reason for their absence. Once again, should this fail, Training Officers will look to make contact with the learners next of kin. This enquiry making sure the learner is safe and personal issues can be supported, should this be the case. Training Officers would try to rearrange within the same calendar month and upload evidence from the employer or learner as to why the session had been non-attended. If the Training Officers couldn’t arrange within the calendar month they will prioritise the following month and try to arrange as early as possible. Repeated failure to attend booked sessions would result in Training Officers contacting the employer to discuss and see if they could support. Training Officers would report to the Managing Director of any learners that flagged at risk of non-compliance through weekly tracking, catch ups etc. Training Officers would ensure that there was a paper trail of evidence to show cancelled sessions and any discussions/emails between learner and employer.

Support for learners

Supporting the learner is vital and highly prioritised by Milltech Training Ltd. Training Officers will look at alternative training methods should the learner struggle or experience any problems with the current training methods. Training Officers will look into using Zoom/Teams if a learner has problems attending onsite sessions. Phone calls will be made to help support learners and laptops will be made available, should this be required. Learners with SEND will continue to receive remote learning support through their Training Officers. Training Officers will maintain contact with learners with SEND to provide guidance to learners and parents during periods of remote learning. Learners with SEND may have alternative methods of remote delivery dependent on need, for example paper based materials sent on a weekly basis. Where applicable, EHCP reviews will continue through a remote process in agreement with the local authority, parent/carer and learner. Further Information If you require further information about Milltech Training Ltd remote education offer, please email