SAFEGUARDING GUIDANCE NOTES Milltech Training Victoria House Toward Road Sunderland SR1 2QF Tel: 0191 510 0414 Guidance for employers working with young people and vulnerable adults The guidance sheet has been developed to protect young people and vulnerable adults, where a relationship of trust exists between them and an adult who is supervising them. However it should also ensure that those in a position of trust do not put themselves in a situation where allegations whether justified or unfounded could be made. Behaviour Employers and their staff should take care that their relationships with learners reflect the age, gender and maturity of the learners. It is particularly important to ensure that all aspects of behaviour, language and attitudes do not give rise to misunderstandings, especially when dealing with adolescent boys and girls. Ambiguous comment and conduct, in particular, should be avoided. Physical Contact There may be occasions when you need to touch a learner (e.g. when you are guiding them in carrying out a work task) but these should be kept to a minimum. Physical contact may be misconstrued by a learner or observer if repeated regularly. Therefore unnecessary physical contact with learners should be avoided at all times. Private Meetings Try to avoid one to one meetings in isolated or enclosed environments. It is advisable to be visible to others when meetings are taking place. Where this is not possible, another member of staff should be told of the meeting beforehand or in some cases it will be advisable for another adult to be present. Discussions with Learners Avoid comments to, or about any learner which could be taken to have sexual overtones. The persistent and hurtful use of sarcastic, demanding or insensitive remarks towards young people may be regarded as a form of bullying or harassment which is potentially very damaging and should be avoided. Reporting Incidents Employers should report any concerns they may have following any incident where she/he feels that his/her actions may have been misinterpreted by a learner on placement. This report should be made to the designated safeguarding staff at Milltech as soon as possible after the incident has occurred. The designated staff for safeguarding issues at Milltech is Kevin Giles. Disclosure Occasionally learners may disclose confidential information to a work colleague that gives rise to concern for their physical or emotional safety. In such situations you should speak to your line manager and share your concern with an appropriate representative of Milltech. The designated staff for safeguarding issues at Milltech is Kevin Giles. Disqualification You are reminded that you are required by law to protect young people from harm and that any employees are required, Under the Criminal Justice and Court Services Act, to declare that they are disqualified from working with young people. Prevent Prevent is intended to deal with all kinds of terrorist threats to the UK. This includes threats from terrorist organisations in Syria and Iraq and Al Qaida associated. It’s your responsibility to report any suspicious circumstances/behaviour to the designated